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Entertainment, Internet and Business Services

Stewart Kellar, E-ttorney at Law™ represents Artists, Musicians, Filmmakers and Producers, Software and Video Game Developers, Industrial and Creative Designers, and Businesses in all professional endeavors, including:

Business Formation

Business Structure Planning and Business Registration.

Drafting of Operating Agreements, Partnership Agreements.

Trademark Law

Trademark Portfolio Development, Registration, Protection, Licensing, Domain Names, and Infringement/Dilution Defense.

Copyright Law

Copyright Registration, Protection, Publishing Agreements, Licensing, work-made-for-hire contracts, and Infringement Defense.

Music Law

Comprehensive Protection and Licensing of Music, Lyrics, Band Names, Album Artwork.

Drafting Contracts with Managers, Venues, and among Band Members.

Art Law

Limited Edition Print Compliance, Royalty Negotiations, Gallery Display Contracts.

Software & Video Game Protection

Copyright registration of protectable software elements and art, copyright enforcement, likeness rights contracts, trademark registration.

Right of Publicity Law

Establishment, protection, and clearance of likeness rights. 

Trade Secret Law

Maintaining Business Advantage through Trade Secret Protection.

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